Welcome to my website. I will try to publish some of my work or work related to my area of expertise. Please look around whether there will be anything of help for you. Whether it is a short python sample, or a sophisticated Kerberos setup, I will try to help you to the extend of my capabilities.


Networking and server management started out as a little side project. You know, a VPS and a web server. Well … That was several years ago. Since then the simple web server is no more. I started getting more interested in this topic and even did my masters degree in this field. I will try to spread my knowledge on this topic using my website. My most recent page on networking is: (Work in progress).


Ever since I first started studying IT, I’ve always been fascinated by hardware and the combination of software. I will use this website to share my knowledge on hardware and this page will continuously be updated. My most recent hardware page is: Software defined radio


I can still remember my first program. It was a basic calculator written in basic. I was young then and have grown a lot in software development. I’ve tried to master several programming languages during my bachelor and master study. I will write short stories and pages about my software engineering projects. My latest page is: (Work in progress).